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What others said about some of our apps:
Very professional, clear information. It has all you need, with very clear information, good images.
allez zeg

I love this app! Thank you for the information here. Would love to see more and more. Thank you again.
Ileana Talavera

Good texts, instructions and maps for hands and feet. I use it often to confirm exact locations. Perfect portable reference on my iPad. Very helpful!!

This app is very well presented and well worth the money.

Excellent app with great explanation.
Ali yousaf

I have worked as a reflexologist with over 400 treatments, I should qualify next month. This is perfect for me as a reference tool. Well worth the money, clear and good images. I cant find any thing wrong with it.
Ian Wells

One of my favorite apps!
Trader jean

This app has great info and will be an excellent reference tool. I am a massage therapist and I use reflexology in my practice. This app is easy of use and the info is easily accessed. I would give it the fifth star if the app would work in landscape mode. Most iPad stands are set up for landscape use and the portrait set up does not make it as user friendly as it could be.

Very good information. Easy to use.
Geert Fasseur

Fab app, as a beginner this is great for me. Would recommend to everyone wanting to learn about reflexology.

Love this app! Simple use and short and easy explanations! I'm about to become a footreflexology therapist and use it as a support on a daily basis...

Great program. Easy to use and understand. Great for beginners and experienced alike. Definitely worth the price.

I love this app it is so helpful and informational. I learned a lot about reflexology and it feels like the application was customized just for me. Thank you so much! :)

As a health professional, this will be a guide book for me. Thanks, guys!

I've only had this app a short while but have used it every day.

This a good app worth the money.
jill sullivan

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