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Smarty Brothers - The Magic Forest


Long interactive children's story! 158 pages of pure adventure!
Fluffy, Smiley, Grumpy, Frighty, Dreamy and Nosey are The Smarty Brothers. They are all known by some of their most obvious traits. One of them wishes to wake up in some other world so that they don't need to go to school. What happens next is just that! Smarty Brothers were mystically teleported in the world of Magic Forest which is filled with danger and various forest creatures. Some creatures are good, and some are not so good. Various dangers lurk behind every corner and even though the Smarty Brothers are resourceful they often end up in some problematic situation from which they can't get out without your help! Are you ready to help them to work together and solve all tasks and problems which Magic Forest hides and that they find their way home?

Solve various tasks!
Find and meet different creatures, collect magic objects and use them in particular situations, solve puzzles and tasks! Tasks you will find are connecting letters and pictures, connecting in certain order, circling of right answers and particular magical objects, finding new forest friends and remembering things they tell you so that you can use that later in adventure, removing obstacles and using magical items in specific situations, and much more!

Green Fairy and Magical Map!
Smarty Brothers is a long adventure (158 pages!) with important lesson, and a story which is impossible to finish without solving great number of interesting tasks! Some are easy, and some are little harder. For every task there is a Green Fairy which offers additional help for that particular task. Besides that, Smarty Brothers receive, in one part of the story, a magical map on which they can always see where is their current location in Magic Forest, what they have been through and what awaits them ahead!

Free bonus game!
Even though the story is long and has lots of tasks, the fun doesn't end with the story, because finishing it unlocks the free bonus game with the forest creatures!

Music is specially written for the Smarty Brothers and it is changing in accordance with situation the Smarty Brothers are currently in.

6 brothers with their traits + 158 pages od adventure + 50 tasks + 8 magical forest creatures + specially written music + unlockable free bonus game, and all this combined in one interesting adventure story = hours and hours of fun!

Engage in adventure and help Smarty Brothers to find their way home!




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