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Sexplore yourself and your sex life with Sexploria!

If you are tired of all the other sex apps on the App Store which offer "100+ positions" or "200+ positions" and if you think they all look alike, then try our Sexploria! It is an application made for couples, for lovers, for adventurers who always like to try something new, for sexplorers!

It is made with one goal in mind - to make the best sex related app on the App Store.

Sexploria comes with more than 220 positions which draw inspiration from Tantra, Ananga Ranga, Tao and Kama Sutra, but with modifications that make them suitable and more attractive to modern lovers. Every position is animated, has it's own detailed description and is carefully characterized by 32 interesting parameters of which some are for adults eyes only so we will not list them here. Lovers can choose a rating, mark positions as favorite or tried, assign their own tags, write a note, or change a value for any of the 32 parameters, and all that for every single position!

Application also comes with something we like to call a sex diary, where lovers can enter info every time they had sex. They can choose a date, rating, duration, make a note and choose who initiated sex. All this data can be viewed in History section and changed afterwards. After certain number of sex entries Statistics section will display useful info about your sex life!

What makes this application really different than others is it's powerful positions search with filters! For example, you could want the application to display a list of positions where woman is on top, position enables her to wear high heels, provides a view of her feet and chest, enables deep penetration and you haven't marked it as tried yet! Or, for example, you could make filters return a list of positions where the lovers are both standing, level of enjoyment is high for both, position is suitable for quick sex and for using a chair and it is not among your favorites! You get the idea… With AND/OR option in search and the option to combine the search filters with you own custom tags, the possibilities are endless!

With Sexploria you will really explore yourself, your partner and your fantasies!

The application also has a large amount of text regarding sex in general, Tantra, Kama Sutra, etc., it allows the lovers to change the font and the size of the text, it also enables lovers to enter, edit, delete their own custom tags, choose an icon for a tag, and assign them to positions. It also allows the writing of notes, in general, and for individual positions. There are four different visual themes inside the Settings section which totally change the appearance and visual style of entire application!

There are also other great features like displaying a sex position in fullscreen which you can then move and zoom with your fingers, or putting a password lock on your application if you don't want anyone to be able to see your private fantasies. You can also send emails to us from inside the app itself and tell us what you think, or maybe just to say hi! But we will not list all features here, we would like you to sexplore them yourself ;)

Sexploria is a feature-rich application suitable for beginners, average couples and expert lovers!
It is your best sex life companion!

Sexplore yourself and your sex life with Sexploria!

NOTE: Sexploria has been rejected by Apple App Store review team.

We appealed to the Apple Review Board and are currently awaiting a response.




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