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Oops! Oops! Oops!


Best prank app ever!! *****

Here's the procedure:

1. Choose one of the sounds and number of seconds for the timer.

2. Turn the volume up!

3. Put or hide your device somewhere before timer runs out (after timer runs out screen goes black and device is ready and waiting)

4. Ask someone to bring you your device or make someone "accidentally finds" it!

5. Result is hilarious when someone touches/moves your device!! :))

There are instructions in the app.

Some ideas:
You can put it simply on the table somewhere and after few minutes ask for your mom to bring it to you.

Or you can put it in first drawer of your sisters desk and just wait.

Maybe put it under the pillow?

Or is someone's shoe? :))

Possibilities are endless!

:)) As soon as your mom/sister/friend moves the device or touches it (or opens the drawer, or lay his head on the pillow, or tries to put on a shoe :)) - loud scary screaming sound (of your choice) will do its part! :))

Possibilities are endless, but the result is always the same!! :)))

TIP: put Auto-Lock option to 'Never' in your General settings because if your device after few minutes goes into auto-lock it won't detect movement.

Have fun!





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