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The idea for this has been with me for a couple of years. I love to play Chess and I love to play Minesweeper, and I always wondered wouldn't it be fun if there was some kind of a combination of these games where chess pieces help you to find mines on the board... Friends and people always liked the idea when we talked about it, but I never had the time to actually realize it.

The object of MineChess is to locate all mines with minimum number of moves and without "stepping" on any of them. To mark a square for which you think it contains a mine, put a flag on it. You can place on the chess board as many flags as there are mines on that level. If you successfully marked all the mined squares, you solved the level! If you are uncertain about a square you can put a question mark and decide what to do with it later.

In MineChess there are only 4 type of chess pieces: rook, bishop, queen and king.

When you click on a chessboard square, if you get a rook, it means that a mine is located somewhere horizontally OR vertically relative to rook's position. If you get bishop, mine is located somewhere diagonally relative to bishop's position. If you get a queen, it means that there are mines somewhere horizontally/vertically AND somewhere diagonally. If you get a king, mine is located one square from the king in ANY direction!

There are also some numbers which are displayed on the pieces. That number means "how many mines this chess piece see". For example, if you get a rook with number 3, it means that this rook sees 3 mines which are located somewhere horizontally and/or vertically.

There are also detailed instructions and examples in the game.

Idea is pretty simple, but the game can get extremely complicated, especially when there are many mines on the chess board!

Short overview of features:
- 2 game modes: > Classic and Sandbox!!
- ONLINE HIGHSCORE!! > compete against the World!! :)
- 3 types of chessboard!!
- 2 types of chess pieces!!
- Crowd and Applause sound options
- Library with detailed instructions
- Bonus points!!

NOTE: You don't need need to know how to play chess to enjoy MineChes. It is easy to learn how to play, the game has detailed instructions and examples.






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