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Five Tibetan Rites


It is a system made up of 5 exercises taught and perfected by Tibetan priests with the goal of increasing the quality and quantity of life. It was used by priest on Tibet and it wasn't known to the Western civilization for a long time. Those exercises are also considered the roots of yoga. They are separate yoga moves.

The exercises function by activating energy of the seven most important chakras in our body which have direct effect on our endocrine system and also the processes of our body aging.

Application contains:

- five tibetans in general
- how does it work?
- chakras in our body
- benefits
- various important notes
- getting ready for the first workout

- graphical display of chakras in our body
- detailed text for each chakra regarding its location, what does it represent and what does it regulate in our body

- graphical display of all Five Tibetan exercises
- detailed text explaining how to perform each exercise

- there are five different app themes which can customize the look of the app
- font and size of the text in the library section can be changed for better reading experience

Application is available on English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Croatian language.





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